New network will support South Leeds community groups

South Leeds residents will tonight come together to form a support network to encourage new and existing community groups to continue and expand.

South Leeds Community Network aims to help community groups access information to support their activities, showcase local projects and bring groups together to share their work and ideas for the benefit of their communities.

The network will help groups to become able to apply for funding that could help finance their activities.

It will offer a community resource that is available to any residents wanting help to form a group or any existing groups that would like to share their experience of running successful projects.

South Leeds Community Network will be run by local people, be supported by local organisations and will be based at Holbeck Community Centre.

Representatives from all local community groups are invited to attend the network launch tonight (Monday, October 29) at Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre, Acre Close, Middleton (6.30pm-8pm).

How to find Tenants Hall

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    1. I here there’s a meeting on Monday 25th March at 6:30pm at Tenant Hall Enterprise Centre, Middleton. We’ll publish the full details when we have them.

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