New mural unveiled in Cross Flatts Park

A new mural inspired by the Slung Low LS11 Art Gallery, which saw local residents artworks displayed on lampposts around Beeston and Holbeck, has been unveiled on the Watsonian Pavilion in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston.

The mural, commissioned by Beeston Festival, has been created by artist George Addy who took images from the LS11 Art Gallery and incorporated them into the colourful mural.

Cllr Angela Gabriel, Chair of Beeston Festival’s organising committee explained:

“This is a thing that Beeston Festival have been doing for quite a few years, since 2014 when the Tour de France started from Leeds. If you come to the Watsonia you’ll notice we’ve got one on each wall. We couldn’t hold the festival this year, but we wanted to create something for our community. This latest one is an artist’s impression of Slung Low’s gallery that lots of community members joined in and enjoyed. I think that this adds to the beauty of this park.”

Ruth Saxton from Slung Low commented:

“Slung Low always tries to react to what is needed and what is relevant at the time and we thought this is the best way of allowing people to be creative in a very stressful time and also allow the community to come together in what was a challenging time. People could use their hour’s exercise to see something artistic when all the galleries were shut.

“We are wrapping up the gallery at the end of the month – it was of a certain time and it served its purpose really well. It’s brilliant that it now has a permanent place within LS11. For years to come people will be able to look back at what was a very interesting time in our history.”

George Addy said:

“I’m a chef by day and an artist on the side. I studied illustration at Leeds College of Art from 2014-17. I really love painting, creating and exploring new ideas through lots and lots of colour. The biggest part of my practice is painting murals. I’ve got pieces dotted around Leeds now, with the hope of adding colour to our streets. Anything that brings a little bit of joy to someone’s day is the aim!”