My Shopping Trolley

There has been a lot of talk recently about Asda, Tesco & Aldi coming to Middleton and how, if at all, it will affect local shops.

Asda have got planning permission to build on the old Co-op site in Middleton, Tesco who also applied, have not.

The building of the Asda supermarket has been held up by how to get traffic in and out of the Council waste site when the Asda store is built. We are now told work will begin in August and Asda will be open by Christmas. I will believe that when I see it. A supermarket is badly needed in this area as the only supermarket – Morrison’s – is two miles away in Hunslet.

When the building of the supermarket is completed, what do I do? Do I now use the supermarket at the expense of my local shop? My answer is yes. Local shops cannot compete, or don’t want to compete with supermarkets.

Local shops 4
Local shops in Belle Isle. Photo: Jeremy Morton

I think local shops, or convenience stores are exactly that. People use them for convenience, i.e. buying bread or milk when they run out, or buying newspapers, cigarettes etc. Apart from the cigarettes, this is what I do.

There is also going to be an Aldi built on the old Middleton Arms pub site. Although work was supposed to start on this in April, the beginning of the tax year, nothing has been done about this yet.

Asda, Tesco & Sainsbury’s have opened smaller branches which I’m sure affects trade of local shops, yet somehow the local corner shops continue to survive.

The shops owners on Middleton Park Circus & Middleton Park Avenue are worried about how much the opening of Aldi (and Asda) will effect their business. I would say: a lot. I won’t name names, but two of the shops on the Circus are the most expensive I’ve seen of their type, so people will definitely use Aldi and Asda when they’re built.

I’m told Asda (a small branch) on Old Lane in Beeston is doing very well and soon to be extended. Also next door, on the old jam factory site there is going to be a Tesco express built, I’m not sure if this is underway yet.

Many times I have to travel to Tesco in Seacroft when I want anything other than food, such as electrical goods. Recently I bought my mobile phone from them and a camera. I could have bought these online from Tesco, or anyway else for that matter, but I prefer to go and see rather than buy online. Must admit though, I do buy food online sometimes, at the cost of buying local.

Hopefully the new Asda will stock items such as electrical goods, to stop me having to travel further afield.

That’s my shopping trolley.


This article was written by Kenneth Ingram using our Community Reporters website

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6 Replies to “My Shopping Trolley”

  1. Just one point, ASDA is not going on the COOP site, but the Leeds Plywood one. ASDA should be ashamed about their progress, millions in wages, increase in house prices etc have been lost while we wait.

    I would call on our local councillors to openly, and actively, ask for Tescos to resubmit their application, with their full support. The worst that would happen is ASDA pulls out, the best is we get two supermarkets and both sites are improved to benefit of the whole ward.

  2. Tesco on old lane is not gonna be an express but a normal superstore. Site is too big to be classed an an express.
    Competition is good for the consumer cheap prices and variety. South Leeds needs this regeneration!!!!!!!!
    CO-OP is too expensive and little selection

  3. I cant believe planning permission was given to Asda without including thought to road access to the Council waste site. So many jobs were promised and years on there’s nothing.

    I would rather have seen some redevelopment / refurbishment of the Middleton Shopping Centre. The carpark is full of potholes, the lighting at night is awful and the access road is a nightmare – not to mention the danger to pedestrians who have no proper path.

    I’d also like to know if /what Asda is giving to the local area? They’ll be making a tidy sum out of the area when the supermarket is built.

  4. Thanks John, Richard &amp Ian for your input..

    I was going by what’s already in print re the Tesco (old lane) going to be an express.

    Again I understood that the old co-op would have to come down, prior to building of Asda.
    The old co-op building (vehicle repairs) will this still stand, John when the supermarket gets the go ahead?

    I agree John, that Tesco should re apply planning permission. I would rather Tesco be in Middleton, than Asda.

  5. Hi All,

    I personally am looking forward to the new Asda store opening and am very pleased it is not going to be a Tesco store as we already have plenty of these in our area.
    I have heard ‘on the grapevine’ that the delays in the Asda store being built have not been down to Asda’s lack of commitment to our community but by a third party – who despite being offered ‘incentives’ refused to move from their current premises (not sure how much of this is accurate but it makes sense to me).
    In regards to the Tesco store on old lane it will be a standard size Tesco. Tesco have 4 store sizes that are (in order of smallest to largest) Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, Tesco Supermarket and Tesco Extra. The Tesco stores in East Ardsley, Churwell and Beeston are all Tesco Express stores and I bet most people don’t know that Tesco Express stores are more expensive than their larger counter parts (by as much as 15%) whereas all Asda stores have the same pricing.

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