Music event in Hunslet shut down

A music event in Leeds has been closed down following reports that it was in breach of Coronavirus restrictions.

Officers attended Beaver Works in Whitehouse Street at about 5.30pm on Sunday (30 August 2020) and established that those in attendance were not complying with the Government guidelines.

The event was shut down and the area was cleared.

Superintendent Chris Bowen, said:

“While the event had been granted a temporary licence and a public safety assessment had been carried out beforehand, it was clear on attendance that those present were not complying with the restrictions.

“As a result the organiser closed down the event at the request of the police.”

Police reportedly handed out eight fines of £10,000 each to organisers of illegal gatherings across Leeds and music equipment was seized at one property over the bank holiday weekend.


This post is based on press releases issued by West Yorkshire Police


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  1. When will people realise at large events they may come into contact with a complete stranger who could have corona virus ? It can be spread so quickly to members of your family in this way . I think organisers of these large events should have to apply for a licence first before they have any event.

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