Morrisons Doorstep Deliveries for the elderly and vulnerable

For any older or vulnerable people struggling to get food delivered, Morrisons have now got a phone order system for vulnerable or older people who can’t get to a store. Where you can order up to 46 items and they will deliver and take card payment. Please see below and let your family and friends know!


Photo: M Taylor via Creative Commons


14 Replies to “Morrisons Doorstep Deliveries for the elderly and vulnerable”

  1. Hi I’ve got my nhs letter as am extremely vunreble am a single parent with 3 children and wanting regular once a week delivery slots can you 0please try your best to make this daughter had serve anxiety and globel development and on a echp plan attends broomfield school ….so we are really struggling like so many others …pl

    1. Have you tried using this service? You sound as though you qualify as vulnerable. The leaflet image is a bit pixelated, but the phone number to ring is 0345 611 6111 and press option 5.

  2. Hi, is there a way to print off a clear A4 size version of the list please? I need to leave a copy with a neighbour who would benefit from the service but does not have internet

    1. M’m sorry, I’ve searched for a higher definition version of this leaflet online, but I can’t find one.

  3. Is there a delivery charge or minimum amount of spend? Also can you add other items to the printed list which I presume you read out over the phone?

    1. I’m sorry Judy, we don’t have any further details of the scheme at present

  4. Thank you so much. What a wonderful service. We are so grateful. A huge blessing in a difficult time for us all. Brilliant contact, fantastic service, amazing delivery folk. Five stars all round – that’s out of four! Stephen and Rosemary

  5. My shopping is paid for online should be here tomorrow !.
    Now asking me to arrange a date online that i cant do.
    Cant seem to contact anyone on the phone in store or online only the security officer who is going to speak to them tomorrow for the Second time.
    I 74 years old i needed monthly order to be delivered.
    What is wrong.
    Communication problems “that’s is what is wrong”
    Three days now
    I am not a happy Bunny

  6. Who ever thought this up deserves a medal thank you so much, we are in our eighty’s and to be able to speak to such a lovely man on the phone about your new delivery service for the elderly was wonderful, with my husband unwell and daughters living a long way away, it took s much pressure off of me thank you so much stay safe X

  7. We are also in our eighties, and find this service such a blessing. Yes, I find they let you add anything you want – if they have got it. You do sometimes get some strange alternatives, but usually quite usable – and the delivery staff are so pleasant. Well done Morrisons – to have a friendly face calling is so good in these strange times.

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