Middleton Park, not just a work in progress.

Nature at its best in South Leeds.

Ignoring the forecast of rain, we ventured out to Middleton Park. Sad to say I’ve lived with the view of the park for 5 years but only visited once and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

There seems to be some great things happening in the park and a feeling that it’s not yet finished. It’ll look great when we humans have finished painting, building, planting and whatever else we plan on changing with our funding.

I walked around thinking, “I’d like a bin here, need a bench there” and felt a little downhearted by lack of maps and info.

It’s only after I downloaded the photos that I realised I’d missed the whole point of the park.

Forget what we human beings do to try and make nature fit into our idea of a park and just look at what nature has done…

Spring ground up

Narly tree












This article was written by Joy Pocock using our Community Reporters website