Middleton locksmith donates to children’s charity

Andy from Lemon Locksmith, based in Middleton, found out about the Little Hiccups children’s charity by chance. But once he did, he was inspired to help out.

Little Hiccups is a Leeds based charity which helps provide support for families with children who have special needs and run free soft play centre events for them.

“I believe it is important to help small charities as often as possible. Many people believe that only big companies can donate to charity, however smaller companies like myself can also, even if just a small amount.“

Andy goes on to say,

“I have two small children myself who have been deprived of going to soft play centres for nearly the last 2 years due to lockdown. So I understand how enjoyable this kind of play can be for children, especially now. It’s good to know that the Little Hiccups charity provide the free soft play sessions for children who are no doubt happy to make the most of it after been stuck inside for so long! My aim is to raise at least £300 however as much as possible is great.”

Softplay activities have increased in popularity since lockdown. Families have continued to grow during Covid but access to traditional resources have been harder with waiting lists increasing exponentially. Consequently, people are turning to charities like Little Hiccups for support. Many new families where children have been born and/or diagnosed in the last couple of years have been unable to find the support and information that they need. At Little Hiccups Stay n Play, their little ones have a safe place to explore, but the parents can also meet other families in similar circumstances. Due to popular demand, Little Hiccups are in the process of looking at opening a second Stay n Play session.

Andy’s plan is to donate any proceeds he makes from night time lockouts over a period of 2 weeks and he has set up a Give As You Live page for people to donate too. At the time of writing, this had already made £400!

“It is unfortunate that people are getting locked out of their homes, but we are very grateful to Andy and the individuals who are donating.”

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