Middleton Elderly Aid launches community funding pot


Members of Middleton Life group
Members of Middleton Life group

Middleton Elderly Aid (MEA) have launched a new funding pot to spark grassroots community activities in Middleton.

Imagine lots of people in your area making new friendships, passing on tips or sharing stories. Have you got a passion you’d love to share with others? Are you interested in learning something new or bringing people together?

The Small Sparks fund can provide you and a group of local residents with support to get your idea off the ground. Each group can apply for a matching fund grant of up to £300.

The Small Sparks fund is all about making change in your area and getting to know new people.

MEA are looking for ideas that include older people. The ideas could receive one off funding to help you bring people together to act on the things that matter to you and your community. If you, and at least three of your neighbours, are prepared to do something new in Middleton, you can apply.

Maybe you need to buy some items or pay for a space where your group can meet.  Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to:

  • Share gardening tips, seeds and tools in a community gardening circle
  • Discover the best cake bakers near you and set up a bake off – perhaps getting local schools involved
  • Organise a community lunch and get to know the neighbours

Please contact Janet on 0113 272 1050 email janet@middletonelderlyaid.org.uk for an application form.