International kickboxing stage welcomes Leyton to Japan

Middleton boy Leyton Tate is set to embark on an international kickboxing experience of a lifetime.

Leyton who is only seven years old and attends Windmill Primary School in Belle Isle has been invited by the Japanese government to compete in the prestigious tournament in Niigata North Kyushu in July this year. Leyton is the holder of the World Martial Kombat Federation World Championship title won in Malta in November 2015 fighting for Team England. Leyton is set to continue his success in Japan.

Alex Goulding, Megan Goulding, Shihan Keith Priestley, Leyton Tate Scarlet Ancliffe
Alex Goulding, Megan Goulding, Shihan Keith Priestley, Leyton Tate and Scarlet Ancliffe

Leyton has been kickboxing for a relatively short 3 years, and was originally noticed by a reception teacher (who was also a martial arts trainer). She mentioned to Leyton’s parents he has a lot of energy and maybe look to do some sort of martial art. After trying out a few different ones he channeled that energy and settled on the hugely successful martial arts academy, Fight Club 1 in Wyke, Bradford.  Shihan Keith Priestley is trainer and head coach whose approach to training over the last 50 years has enabled hundreds of young people to achieve their dreams whilst teaching them discipline, respect and perseverance which will serve them well in their future lives.

Leyton will be joined by fellow kickboxer Scarlett Ancliffe who is ten years old. Scarlett from Wyke in Bradford is the current European Champion in her category and they are the only fighters from Great Britain invited by the Japanese Government to take part.

Staff and pupils at Windmill school have been very supportive of Leyton and celebrated his success so far with assembly presentations of his medals. Headteacher, Mr Gamble has begun to decorate a board of his achievements in the foyer of the school as a reminder of the young pupil’s fantastic accolades.

In order to help Leyton achieve his goals and go to the world championships in Japan, his family are looking at sponsorship from the local community who wish to support Leyton in taking the next steps on his kyokushin/kickboxing journey. To cover flights, bullet train transport and accommodation including kit the family would like to raise a total of £1,000. For more information please go to the Leyton Tate Crowdfunding website.

South Leeds Life will look forward to keeping you updated with Leyton and Scarlett’s progress as the tournament gets underway.