Malvern Road and surrounding area neighbourhood walkabout

To improve community well-being Baljeet (Bali) Birdi Housing Officer for Beeston & Holbeck is organising a neighbourhood walkabout. The walk will take place on Malvern Road and surrounding streets on Thursday 16 July from 10:00am.

Dave and KatrineThe purpose of the walkabout is to look at any environmental issues and to make the estate tidy. In addition tenants can highlight any hotspot areas that are causing concerns. On the walkabout Bali will be joined by the Green Doctors from Groundwork Leeds who will be offering tenants a free energy visit. The Green doctors can, completely free of charge, install small energy efficiency measures and give advice on how to reduce energy bills by becoming more energy aware, perform an energy bill ‘health check’, compare energy suppliers and advise on any available grants and rebates.

If you like us to call please put a big X in your window and be sure to be home on the day.


This post was written by Katrine Bay Madsen using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.