Lucy samples new Menu at Limeyard! (again)

Limeyard  – All Day American Kitchen hosted a ‘Blue Monday’ event yesterday (15 January 2018) for journalists to review their new tasty menu. Blue Monday – so called for it being recognised as the most depressing day of the year; leaving festivities behind but not quite reaching payday. In order to cheer everyone up we had the pleasure to sample their food and equally have fun and enjoy the exciting atmosphere at the restaurant complex at the White Rose centre.

The place was just how I remembered it when I was lucky enough to try out the food in June for South Leeds Life. The theme is Californian so you’re instantly transported back to the Halcyon days with décor of the 1950’s sun striped beaches, with a cool modern theme. Images of the west coast surfers covered the walls, with old and new tunes swimming across the soundwaves of the restaurant- as if you were really there!

This time I met other journalists joining in too for their event so we could compare our thoughts and tastes. As we entered the restaurant we were greeted by Sarah who showed us to our seats, reminding us we could take a selfie in a giant deckchair beckoning us over to lay back in. We met Azzy our waiter for the evening serving appertizers, speciality cocktails and the famous Limeyard taco savoury treat.

The food is so tasty and varied and can satisfy the most indecisive mind! Crispy Nacos with melted cheese, sour cream and juicy pulled pork – clumped together to make delicious combo. We enjoyed the distinctive flavour of the Sweetcorn Tamale of quinoa; Polenta and sweetcorn served with lettuce, guacamole and Pico de Gallo salsa. For those who want to dig in why not try; Mission Street Wings – House chicken wings with blue cheese dip, coriander and lime or Coca Cola Glazed Ribs – Sticky half rack of ribs cooked low’n’slow for hours. And to refreshingly wash it all down with the Koko Mojo –  A coconut rum, lime, mint passionfruit and soda cocktail.

They say the ‘early bird catches the worm’ but a couple of us stayed around until after most had gone off to enjoy the rest of their evening, proving the stragglers get their ‘just deserts!’ I even snap chatted my daughter (who was at home doing her homework) a picture of my chocolate, banana waffle and espresso martini– to which she replied with her ‘Srsly?’ Bitmoji.

If you haven’t eaten at Limeyard yet – you haven’t fully experienced the White Rose restaurant complex. It has a fun and laid back atmosphere making families feel very welcome. The new menu is ready to taste now and will cater for every appetite, so have a look at the website for offers currently on at the moment. The median price for a main is around £10. I am looking forward to taking the family next time and let them in on the experience too. Thank you to Limeyard for sharing your food with us! We really enjoyed ourselves and hopefully turned the Blue Monday into the best Monday we’ve had this year.