Lockdown art exhibition at Middleton Park Baptist Church

Middleton Park Baptist Church on Middleton Park Avenue (LS10 4HT) are holding a Free Community Art cafe and Exhibition which will be open to the public every Saturday and Thursday from 1-4pm running from 12 March to 7 April.

It is part of a community initiative to provide a friendly space for people of all ages to get together, to have fun and to process what we have all been through during the pandemic.

Both young and young at heart can have a go at creating their own piece of art in a relaxed and fun atmosphere which aims to be family friendly.

There will be poetry and local art work from all ages as both the Middleton Primary School and the Elderly Aid Art Group are contributing work, alongside pieces from a local Creative Arts Group which met via zoom throughout Lockdown.

Manchester Painter Mildred Cooper will also be displaying a set of oil paintings depicting events from the life of Jesus and there will be some special activities running on ad hoc basis.

However, the aim is not just to come and look but to give people a chance to come and get involved. People are welcome to have a coffee and chat, do some craft or art work, write their own reflection, or just to spend some quiet time. In recognition of those we have lost there will be a meditation area with a remembrance tree, information on bereavement support and a separate church service of Comfort and Remembrance on Sunday 3 April at 5pm.

The Community Pastor Alison Wain said:

“As a church we have been aware of so much good work being accomplished by different voluntary groups and we wanted to highlight that by having an event that drew contributions from a variety of places.

“We have been particularly impressed by the vision of the team at Middleton Primary School and at Elderly Aid and that is why we are so delighted to be able to include some of their art contributions. We have been praying about how we as a church can play our own part in showing the love of God in our community and this is one small way of doing this.

“We want to give people a chance to come together, to chat, to have fun and to socialise, but also to give space for people who need to remember, to grieve and to process difficult experiences during this time. We hope by being a friendly presence and offering a listening ear to show the love of Jesus in our community and to be a centre of Hope.”

For more information email minister@middletonparkbaptistchurch.org.uk


Photo: Community Pastor Alison Wain and Rose Austin, church secretary