Local South Leeds guy starts ‘Lemon Locksmiths’

Leeds Locksmith

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A local guy from South Leeds has launched a locksmith business. The amusingly named Lemon Locksmith is run by Leeds based locksmith Andrew who grew up in Middleton.

Andrew offers a comprehensive range of locksmith services including emergency lockouts of homes, business and vehicles. He specialises in burglary prevention and repair should the worst have happened.

When asked why Andrew called the company Lemon Locksmiths he said:

“There’s not much logic to it! I simply thought it was random enough to remember and stick in peoples minds and also not offense to anyone! When someone thinks, where’s a locksmith near me, I want them to remember my name.”

Andrew has recently been providing security upgrades for Leeds residents such as Anti Snap cylinder locks. Andrew says:

“Many people in Leeds have so many expensive gadgets and gismos in their houses, yet they do not realise that all that’s protecting their items and family is very often a cheap easy to brake lock”.

Andrew fits anti-snap locks and hardened steel door handles which offer a higher level of security. He also specialises in repairing faulty uPVC doors and lock mechanisms, windows, emergency lock opening and lock replacement or upgrades.

By covering focusing on Leeds and parts of Wakefield Andrew ensures a speedy arrival.  So next time you need an emergency locksmith service or just a Locksmith Leeds why not give him a try.

Call Andy: 07721 876571 or visit www.lemonlocksmith.co.uk