Local NHS urges people to think about their sexual health


People in South Leeds are being urged to think about their sexual health today (14 January) on National STIQ Day.

coupleSexually Transmitted Infection Question Day (STIQ Day) is held two weeks after New Year to encourage people to think about their sexual health. Two weeks is the time after which common STIs such as Chlamydia can be tested for and the three NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Leeds have joined forces to encourage local people to have regular sexual health checks.

Health chiefs are urging people to ask themselves these three questions:

  • Have you ever had unprotected sex?
  • Do you think you are at risk of having an STI?
  • Do you want to put your mind at ease that you don’t have an STI?

Anybody who answers yes to any of the questions is urged to have a sexual health check. Nobody likes to think that they could have a sexually transmitted infection, yet anyone who has ever had unprotected sexual contact could be at risk. Although many people don’t think they’ve got an STI, around 1-in-12 of those who get tested find that they are infected with an STI.

There are a range of places to go in Leeds to get sexual health advice as well as free Chlamydia testing and free condoms (for under 25s), information on HIV tests, contraception and emergency contraception, and pregnancy testing. For more information about local services visit www.leedssexualhealth.com.

Dave Mitchell, Medical Director for NHS Leeds South and East CCG said: “This day is a great opportunity for the people of Leeds to ask some really important questions and take control of their own sexual health. We have lots of resources available in the city and I would urge anyone who has had unprotected sex to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

“Even if you don’t think you have any symptoms some STI’s do not present any until it is too late. STI’s such as Chlamydia can even leave you unable to have children if left untreated.”

To find out more about local sexual health services please visit: www.leedssexualhealth.com. For more information on Chlamydia testing, contraception and sexual health visit www.nhs.uk/worthtalkingabout.

The appointment line is open between 9am–4:30pm Monday–Friday. Call 0113 392 6724 or 0113 392 6725 for appointments (an appointment can normally be made within 48 hours).