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I am a new local business – Cardinal Services

Rothwell High St signsI like to collect debts. The basis of the business is to collect the day to day accounts for small businesses in the area – with 25 years of experience to draw on.

Small businesses struggle with cash flow. They do not know costs they can add to the debt (government schemes for small businesses), they do not know ways around reasons for non-payment, they do not know how to legally recover their debts

So I believe this is a fantastic service to offer – and I charge by the hour so they only pay for what they need.


Setting up this small business I was aware that there is a good solid community in the South Leeds area (I have lived here for 35 years) but I was surprised to find that there is virtually no support for the business aspect.

I was expecting some kind of page showing local businesses – by type – a facility for the community to be able to find local tradesmen if nothing else. I would be willing to pay a fee to advertise on such a page – provided there was some form of support there. But there is absolutely nothing.

Shouldn’t we support our local businesses – who support the local charities and friends for the area? It is a circle that isn’t being completed.

So if there is such a service out there I would like to know – if there isn’t I would like feedback from anyone like me who would be interested and who believes they would benefit from such a service.

Contact me : sara@cardinalservices.co.uk


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  1. Hi Sara, thanks for taking the time to write this post.

    I think you make some very valid points. I would like to say that South Leeds Life is not anti-business, but we do accept that we’ve not been very good at engaging with the local business community. I think the blog reflects the people who have got involved so far, most of whom have a public sector / third sector / community background.

    We have only recently started taking advertising on the site and are learning as we go. What sort of support would you looking for if you were to advertise on a business listings page?

  2. Hi

    I am aware of the local traders page but again what am I getting for my £30 a month

    No-one knows it is there

    There is no form of promotion

    Maybe a three month free period would be beneficial – get some names on there and start to build it up – people will pay for a service when there is a service. At the moment it is a case of give us £360 a year for nothing

    You appear to have enough community events to promote this service – especially in summer with all the concerts and fairs etc.

    I want a low carbon footprint

    I want to support local businesses as I am one myself

    We have such a diverse community in South Leeds – and I am sure there are a lot that need the support especially in the running of businesses and the legalities involved.

    1. Hi Sara, your points are well made. We are working on adding a business directory with a different pricing structure. As we are all volunteers, things take a while to materialise, but we will get there!

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