Local Becky stars in new PureGym campaign

A local South Leeds resident has been picked to star in PureGym’s latest ‘Member Stories’ campaign. Becky Partridge, a member of PureGym Leeds Hunslet, will feature on PureGym’s social channels and website over the coming weeks as part of the campaign.

When Becky first stepped into the gym she was nervous at first, sticking to mostly cardio equipment as she was too scared to use weights. However, the friendly gym instructors soon put Becky at ease. Having realised that trying various fad diets was not really promoting a healthy relationship with food and exercise, Becky’s journey focussed on improving her fitness and attitudes towards food and as a result, Becky has gone on to lose 32kg’s. However, the biggest changes have come from within.

Despite having low self-confidence at the beginning of her fitness journey, since enlisting the help of a PureGym PT (personal trainer), Becky feels much better in herself and is now able to to use the weights, kettlebells and dumbbells correctly and without wondering what others are thinking. Not only does she credit her PT in teaching her the correct technique and helping to boost her confidence, but Becky has been able to confide in her PT too. Having always struggled and felt embarrassed about her relationship with food, Becky is able to open up to her PT, knowing that doing so is only going to help her on her journey and allow her PT to better understand her issues and support her.

Becky comments:

“If you’re new to the gym and feeling nervous, just know that most people will have felt the same nervous feeling when starting out. You’re not alone. The personal trainers at the gym are friendly and always happy to help members navigate the gym and lend advice, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. PureGym has a warm, friendly environment and there are all types of people that use PureGym, so no one anyone has to worry about feeling out of place.”

‘Member Stories’ will follow other gym-goers in the UK over the next few weeks, highlighting how being in the gym is positively impacting their lives through a number of different ways. To read more about Becky’s story visit: www.puregym.com/blog/becky-leeds-hunslet-member-story


This post is based on a press release issued on behalf of PureGym