Local author publishes third E-book

Mortality Calls – South Leeds writer self-publishes third work of fiction on Amazon Kindle

J Sharp Mortality Calls PhotoJonathan Sharp, from Stourton Grange, has embraced the self-publishing revolution and published his third work of fiction on Amazon Kindle.  Jonathan’s novel, Mortality Calls, follows in the wake of his previous novel (Love, Death and Time Travel) and his eclectic collection of short stories (Shades of Dark and Light).  All three books are available for download at an austerity-busting 99p.

Mortality Calls is a page-turning murder-mystery, love story and family melodrama that follows the tragic and moving story of Kit Peterson: a C-list American actor coming to terms with a double tragedy.  The story begins with Kit’s wife having been murdered and one of his 11 year old twin daughters having been kidnapped.

Along with Ellie (his remaining 11 year old daughter), Kit flees Hollywood for the comfort of his parents’ east coast family home.  Here, Kit rekindles a friendship with Mel: someone who was close to him during his college days.

Simultaneously, Kit receives a call from the mysterious Bob: a man who claims to have Kit’s kidnapped daughter, Jess.

Ultimately, the novel leads to the denouement of Kit’s showdown with Bob and the discovery of whether Jess is truly still alive.

Jonathan says:

“Mortality Calls is a change of direction from my previous sci-fi tinged novel Love, Death and Time Travel.  But it still explores the big themes of love and loss.

“E-publishing can make it difficult to get yourself noticed amongst all the other products out there but what I like is the freedom not to have to follow my previous book with something in the same vain that traditional publishers might demand.  I love stories and I’m not tied to any particular genre either as a writer or a reader.  What I am tied to is well-written stories that grip the reader from page one.”

Jonathan is a writer born and bred in Leeds but someone who has travelled widely and been influenced by a variety of international writers.

Contact: Jonathan Sharp on 07480 152570; email: jlssharp999@yahoo.co.uk