My Life in South Leeds: My school, South Leeds Academy

This week we are running five My Life in South Leeds stories from young women who are part of the Shine Project.

My Life in SL

South Leeds AcademyHello my name is Shannon and I am 12. The school that I go to is South Leeds academy and I’m in Year 8. We have just had an Ofsted inspection and done better than ever before so everyone is pleased!

My favourite lesson is Maths because it’s AMAZING and I find the lessons interesting. English is a bit harder because we have just moved round sets and so it’s all changed a bit but I’m sure it will get better! Also I like Science, it’s generally fun but we are going to be cutting a cows heart open soon which sounds a bit gross!

Lunch time is the best part of all because we get to eat!! Yum!

Academy diningSchool is sometimes hard because there are lots of different people but there are places to go to get help, all the teachers are kind and helpful which makes it better and there are lots of people to become friends with! It is also a massive building compared to primary school but it’s not as big as you think once you know it!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy South Leeds if you’re going there next year!