Leeds Urban Bike Park 4th Birthday

Alicia Stanger is with Nicola Hayes.
1 December 2021

Alicia says::

“Super proud right now. 4 years of this amazing business and facility! Well done to my mum Nicola Hayes who has run the Café amazingly the past year and to my Stepdad Jeremy Hayes who dedicated his time to get this place open, who also runs this brilliantly

The commitment, dedication and passion is admirable and to see this place take off makes me beyond proud!

Well done to all the amazing staff also who have made this place what it is today, you all know who you are! Super lucky to have this in my life/family! Here’s to the many more years!! #1yearanniversary #leedsurbanbikepark .”

Nicola Hayes

Ah thank you my love  … #teamwork

Tony Stanger

Happy 4th Birthday URBAN BIKE PARK. Don’t no what I would do without this place in my life.

Timmys Barging

Happy Birthday   always great to see u all when I go in well done xx

Farrah Deen

Congratulations and happy birthday  !! You all deserve the greatest success never known such hard working people and a beautiful family energy amazing atmosphere in the whole park and café! Love and blessings to you all

Kenneth Ingram

Happy birthday. I see a party starting.
We used to alternate with this Café and Café at Middleton Park Lake, The group will not go any where but Leeds Urban Bike Café now. We love all the staff. Top quality food and drinks.