Julies Ancestery Team, Visit Family History Department At Leeds Central Libary.


libary leedsThe ancestry (family Tree) team led by Julie made our way to Leeds library on Monday morning 21st July.

Julie, myself, Frank, Wayne, Alan and Philip spent a few hours researching our Family trees.

Julie has been researching Family Trees for many years and at the moment helping the ancestry team, research there’s and also researching her Husband’s (Chris) Family Tree.

Julies Ancestry Hour is every Thursday From 10am at BITMO GATE.   Ancestry-Hour-212x300

1st A bit of History of the Leeds Central Library building.

The Central Library is a Grade II* listed building and was constructed between 1878 and 1884. The building was opened on 17 April 1884 by the Mayor, Alderman Edwin Woodhouse as the Leeds Municipal Offices.

Local Studies and Family History Library, where we did our research took up almost the whole of the second floor of the Library building.


Me, trying to find out more about where I was born in Hunslet. Found out there was an Inn named after the street where I was born in Larchfelid Street. The Inn was called Larchfield Inn.

There was also a house named after the street as well. As far I know there is no mention of this inn from a book I have, called, forgotten folk of Hunslet.

In the early 1900s there were 85 pubs, inns and Working Man’s clubs in Hunslet. Wow.


I was very interested in a book I was reading at the Library, called Hunslet-De Ledes. What the De Ledes means I’ve no idea.

Maybe Ledes is another old name of Leeds, like Leodis.  If I had remembered to bring my library card would have borrowed this book.

Will get it sent to library in Middleton. Or go back to Leeds Library.


 (9) Wayne, was trying to find someone on his wife’s side of the tree, John Patrick Gavins 1930s. Plus, Levitt side of his Tree.

Frank, is no longer trying to find Dolly. He’s now looking for his Granddad on his Father’s side of his tree. (update Looks like Julie has found Doll).

Frank found out Granddad died August 1971. I’m sure Julie will look more into this during our Ancestry hour.

Philip, was trying to find out more about his Granddad, Charles Delong. Born in Bristol. Also Gt Granddad, Born in France also called Charles Delong.

Alan, looked at Family History tips and research tools.

Julie, was looking for information on Her Husband Chris, Grandma who was a Midwife in Hunslet.


After a few hours, most of us made our way back to BITMO GATE, to reflect on what we learned and have a cup of Coffee or Tea.


We all agreed it was a well worth visit. The plan is to make a return trip to the library in a few weeks’ time.


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