Jean Byrne ‘Braved the Shave’ for Macmillan


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Jean Byrne

What a fantastic lady Jean is, at 76 years young, she held a ‘Brave the Shave’ event to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Jean held the event in her street, East Grange Square, Belle Isle, Leeds on Saturday 29 September 2018.

As I walked down the street, bunting was stretched across the houses from one side of the street to the other, how they got it up there I don’t know.


It reminded me of the last time I went to a street party, in my street at the Queen’s Coronation. I lived with my family at East Grange Garth.

Jean Byrne

East Grange Square, being a cul-de-sac, there was no problem with through traffic.

Margaret went around with the raffle tickets and some fantastic prizes were drawn later, i.e hamper, cooker and many smaller prizes.

The street came out in numbers of around 200 people. Friends, family and neighbours to watch Jean have her hair cut and shaved by her grandson, Paul and Margaret Brown and generally join in the fun on this mild Autumn day.

Plenty to do: eat, drink: pie and peas, cakes, tea ,coffee and hot dogs. Gerry, Dave and Jean Burton was there from BITMO’s GATE.

Part of Street party setup

Father Martin of St Barnabas Church eying up his flock, with the Boys and Girls Brigade.

Father Martin tells me started doing breakfasts again underneath the church at St Barnabas.

Full English breakfast for £3.50. Monday to Friday. I went along to sample the Breakfast last week when dropping off copies of South Leeds Life newspapers, very good value, 2 of everything, maybe a bit too much for me.

Jean with Paul (Grandson)

About 4pm, now an auction to see who would get the first shave of Jean’s head. Dianne won the auction with a £40 donation. Well done Dianne.

Jean with family

The shave proved a little difficult, so some scissors were found. Once most of Jeans hair had been cut off by Margaret Brown, grandson Paul shaved the rest off. It ended up quite nice with a number 3 haircut. I told Jean her hair may grow back blond, Jean laughed.

I thought Jean looked quite nice and no need for a wig. And saves on hairdressing bills.

Jean tells me  £1,450.00 has been raised, well done Jean.

Some of the Raffle Prizes

I left after the raffle prizes were drawn and got the feeling that this was a tight knit community and everyone looks after each other.

Spoke to Jean next day, Jean told me well into early hours to clear up.

Jean with cheque for £1,450.00

Well done Jean, you should be very proud of yourself, family and friends.

“Jean would like to thank Everyone for there help on the day inc family, Jonathon, Caroline and Claire.

Also Margret with hair cutting and Grandson Paul for head shave.”