iNSIGHT: a photography exhibition by the community

St. Luke’s CARES is showing their first community photographic exhibition and the grand opening is on Friday (30 July 2021) at 12noon.

The collection is a result of a series of photos taken from disposable cameras handed to the community over the last two months and developed to show an insight into people’s lives since Covid. The cameras were given out by St Luke’s CARES outreach team, Jo and Tan who work in our local community.

There were over 160 pictures developed with around 60 enlarged and displayed in the shop.  Some of the stories behind the photos will be written up alongside, stories of hope, inspiration and community.

Helen, one of our photographers said

“The pictures are the journey of my daily exercise and living through Covid.

“The picture I chose as my number one shows we were alone, yet pictures show a story in how Covid has brought people in the community together.

“It’s brought my Leeds family together.’

Taking photos with a disposable camera rather than a phone gave a unique quality to the images. Not knowing how they were going to turn out, or where to look in the viewfinder gave an element of surprise to the development process. The end result is a stunning assortment of vibrant images – complete with the ubiquitous thumb shot.

The exhibition is within the shop so customers can buy (shop items) and view at the same time. The shop is open from 9:30-4:30 Monday-Friday and the photos will be on display for two weeks.

Come down and see an array of plants, flowers, bicycle workshops, pets, cityscapes and an insight into our amazing community!

St Luke’s CARES Shop is located at 242-256 Dewsbury Road (by Tunstall Road lights), Beeston, LS11 6JQ