Independent review of Holbeck Managed Approach to start this week

University of Huddersfield Enterprises Limited, has been appointed to carry out an Independent Review into the city’s Managed Approach to street sex work in Holbeck.

This follows a tendering process by Leeds City Council which commenced in May this year. Four tenders were subject to a detailed assessment and evaluation criteria. Groups consulted as part of the process included Voice of Holbeck and women who work or have worked within the Managed Approach.

It is expected that the Independent Review undertaken by academics at the University’s Applied Criminology and Policing Centre, will commence imminently, with work beginning week commencing Monday 1 July 2019. The review is scheduled to conclude in Spring 2020.

The Independent Review forms part of a commitment made by the Safer Leeds partnership to residents, businesses and stakeholders, that such an assessment would take place, once strategic and operational changes made late last year to the scheme, were given time to settle in. More information on the changes implemented in the Managed Approach can be found here. To view the decision to award report, please click here.

Cllr Debra Coupar, Leeds City Council’s executive member with responsibility for Safer Leeds, said:

“We made a firm commitment to local residents and all stakeholders that an Independent Review of the Managed Approach would take place once a number of operational and strategic changes to the scheme introduced late last year, were given the appropriate time to bed in.

“I fully welcome that University of Huddersfield Enterprises Limited has now been appointed to oversee the Independent Review and work is due to begin imminently. From our perspective, this is an important and significant piece of work. We are committed to ensuring it is carried out in a manner that inspires real confidence for both residents and all stakeholders, and that is it is being done appropriately and in a truly independent way. We made a pledge to work with the local community on this issue, and continue to welcome their input.”


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council


3 Replies to “Independent review of Holbeck Managed Approach to start this week”

  1. A lot of spin , they create a problem then years later pretend that they are listening to the residents by spending our council tax on an independent review .
    The residents don’t need an independent review we need these councillors to admit they got it wrong and that families and residents should not have to witness street prostitution and all its associated criminality happening in and outside the so called managed zone .
    It seems year after year they haven’t listened and tried to placate residents with the sticking plaster approach ie extra cleaning and police patrols to try to lessen the impact of the problem the residents didn’t create in the first place .
    Strange how just as the red light zone is going through a massive redevelopment and building work is ongoing right now that a review is happening perhaps it’s really not about the residents but the future big business interests that are moving into the area .
    Which begs the question will it be got rid of or are they just going to reallocate a area as a managed zone perhaps they should try a different part of leeds this time maybe a more affluent area instead of Holbeck

  2. Managed Zoned is a good thing. Better than how things were before. Much improved. There will of course be some who will be against it no matter what. I wish it is kept. Don’t want things going to like they were before. In residential areas, and in anytime of day. Now with a designated area and time, people in this industry have a choice and reasons to stick to them. Vast majority do stick to the rules, so situation has vastly improved. It also improves support and safety of those that work in the area. Let’s not take that away from them.

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