Hunslet: Update from PACT meeting

West Yorkshire Police logoPCSO Rob Manning attended the latest Hunslet PACT (Police and Communities Together) meeting. The meeting was attended by 20 residents, representatives from Aire Valley Homes and Councillor Elizabeth Nash.

The guest speakers were from Veolia and gave a presentation on the new recycling and energy recovery facility at the Cross Green Industrial Estate. Local residents asked many questions on the project and have been given the chance to visit a similar site in Sheffield.

PCSO Manning gave the following report to the residents: Burglary is down in West Yorkshire The burglary statistics show that in January 2012, there were 1,590 burglary dwellings Forcewide, compared with 2,033 in January 2011. This is a decrease of 443 burglaries (22%).

Residents can help the police to reduce this further by keeping windows and doors locked even when you are inside, as one in every four burglary’s occurs through an unlocked door.

Keeping a note of all your serial numbers and marking your property with a UV pen increases the chances of having your property returned to you, Police advise you to write on the back of your property with your postcode, house number and your initials.

Problems with eggs The last two months have seen an increase in youths throwing eggs at houses and buses. PCSO Manning has visited local shops to advise staff not to sell eggs to youths.

Nuisance motor bikes A local youth has been issued with a Section 59 warning for riding a motor bike in an anti-social manner in a public place. This gives the police the power to seize the bike off if they are seen again; residents are advised to call 101 if they see anyone riding motor bikes in the area.

School parking patrols Local schools have been visited and five motorists have been issued with warning notices for parking on the yellow zigzag’s, patrols will continue and will be without warning.

Dog Watch, PCSO Kirsty Johnson wants you as a new recruit

Coming soon to Holbeck NPT…..Dogwatch!  We realise that dog walkers get to see all sorts of things that the Police would be interested in, so we would like to ‘recruit’ you as our eyes and ears in the community. We won’t be asking you to do anything that would put you at risk such as approaching someone but only to report anything suspicious, anti-social behaviour or criminal activities.

To thank you for your efforts we will provide you with a membership pack with some goodies to share with your canine friend and you will also be kept up to date with all of the local Policing news as well as doggie related events in the area. For further details please contact Kirsty Johnson by calling Holbeck NPT on 0113 2414629 or e-mail:

The Hemingways, Rochefords, Sussex and Whitfield’s area has a new Aire vally Homes Tenancy Management officer Katrina Pender, she was given a warm welcome.

A resident from the Midland Close / Garth area reported children playing on the top of the garages, PCSO Manning advised that they should contact the 101 number to report this and local PCSOs would make extra patrols in the area.

Aire Valley Homes are carrying out external cladding on the estate with the exception of Hemingway Garth, this was met with an angry response from some local residents as they felt they always get left out. Aire Valley Homes stated the program was based on fuel poverty and Hemingway Garth did not meet the criteria for the improvements

A resident who lives on the estate has been parking on the grassed area and driving on the footpaths, PCSO manning advised they will pay passing attention to the area and, where possible, may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice and will pass details to Aire Valley Homes for them to take action against the tenancy.

The date of the next meeting will be confirmed.