Hunslet Hawks’ Philippine ambassador

I must say one of the highlights of my trip to General Santos in the Philippines was to meet this beautiful woman and have dinner with her and her boyfriend, I think their relationship can be a bit fiery at times, but they really are made for each other.

She has been my Facebook friend for over 3 years now and one of the reasons for the meet was to present her with a Hunslet Hawks cap, as she often wears caps. Tricia Fe Orlino Rulete is her name, and she is a model for One Model Gensan as well as a Global Ambassador for the telecommunication company.

I said when I presented it to her that she was now the Hawks Ambassador for the Philippines, but up to now the only pic she posted was one of the cap, with the words So we Shall Again. I asked her the other day if she could send photos of her in the cap, she replied that she was doing a photo shoot an a peak on Saturday, and said she would have it on and take a photo at the top.

Well here they are, thank you Tricia Fe Orlino Rulete and all the best to you and Glenn Paul. ‪#‎SoWeShallAgain