Hunslet Club’s defibrillator comes to the aid of local business

New defibrillators have been installed at a number of public venues across Hunslet and Beeston Hill – with more to follow. As Councillors, Cllr Nash, Cllr Iqbal and I funded these with the hope they would never be needed. However, on a recent visit to The Hunslet Club, one of the venues who kindly agreed to host one of these lifesaving machines, CEO Dennis Robbins informed me theirs had already been used for a real life emergency!

A nearby business had found their onsite defibrillator battery had gone flat, just as they needed it. Looking online, they saw The Hunslet Club had one and rushed to use it, taking it away to be used to help save a person’s life.

Dennis Robbins, the club’s chief executive, said:

“We were happy to part of this amazing scheme funded by our Ward Councillors, we didn’t expect the machine to be used so quickly, but we are proud that the defibrillator was at our site and helped another organisation and person in need”

Sometimes as Councillors, we purchase things hoping they will never be needed – as an insurance policy for the community – our local defibrillators project was one of those. It is humbling to know they have already made a difference in a lifesaving situation.


This post was written by Cllr Paul Wray

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