Households in South Leeds to benefit from energy saving scheme

Tenants and home owners in Hunslet are to benefit from a cladding scheme that will reduce their fuel bills.

Following the launch of the Green Deal, the Carbon Saving Communities Obligation scheme means energy companies will fund a range of improvements for fuel poor households. SIG Energy Management has secured funding of £1.2 million from Scottish Power to work alongside Aire Valley Homes.

Further investment of £60,000 by Aire Valley Homes to the project means that almost 200 households in Hunslet will have warmer and more energy efficient homes. Information about the energy saving project was provided for local tenants and home owners recently at a two day consultation.

Work on external cladding to the Rocheford and Hemingway’s homes is anticipated to start at the end of January. Privately owned homes can sign up to the work at no cost, unless an extension of the gas flue is required.

Newly clad houses on Belinda Street, Hunslet. Photo by Jeremy Morton
Newly clad houses on Belinda Street, Hunslet. Photo by Jeremy Morton

Previous improvements undertaken on the adjacent Belinda estate were funded by Eggborough power station and Aire Valley Homes. Residents have reported feeling the benefit of warmer homes and lower energy bills.

Miss C, an Aire Valley Homes tenant said:

“I have already found that I am saving on my energy bills so that definitely helps with the family budget.”

Mrs S, a private homeowner said:

“Initially, we were unsure of whether to have the work done. The Aire Valley Homes’ staff reassured us that the work would not only improve the look of our home but would also reduce our energy bills.

During a recent cold spell, we really noticed the difference. Our home is much warmer and we have even turned down the heating thermostat.”

Councillor Peter Gruen, Leeds City Council executive board member with responsibility for neighbourhoods, housing and regeneration said:

“Assisting Leeds residents towards saving on their energy bills is a positive step. We realise that many households have difficulties making ends meet, especially during the cold winter months.

This work shows a genuine commitment to updating our housing stock and ensuring homes are more energy efficient.”

Councillor Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council executive board member for the environment said:

“We are working extremely hard to find new and innovative ways in which to tackle fuel poverty in the city. I am delighted therefore to see this project come to fruition, which will improve energy efficiency in these households.”

Simon Costigan, Chief Executive of Aire Valley Homes, said:

“In these days when many of our tenants are facing fuel poverty, it is excellent news that we are able to tap into the funding SIG Energy Management gets from energy suppliers.

Not only do local residents benefit from warmer homes and lower bills, we are also reducing carbon emissions. This will have a real positive effect on the environment.”

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