Hope Price boxes his way to European silver

Hope Price is celebrating winning a Silver medal at the European Youth Boxing Championships, held in Turkey last week (20-29 October 2017).

He was one of a team of five fighting for England. At nineteen, Hope was the youngest, competing one year above his age.

In the first round he met Marian Schiopu from Romania, Hope boxed well on the back foot picking his opponent at will, he won 5-0. In the Quarter finals he boxed Oliver Joyce from Ireland, the bout was competitive but Hope came out a 4-1 winner.

In the Semi Finals he met Boyan Asenor from Bulgaria, Hope’s boxing was excellent in this bout beating Asonor to the punch and coming out a good 5-0 winner.

In the final Hope boxed Masym Halinichev from the Ukraine, Haliinchev was a strong southpaw who kept coming forward, the bout was quite scrappy and Hope struggled to find his rhythm, the Ukrainian won 5-0.

Dennis Robbins, Chief Executive at The Hunslet Club where Hope has trained since he was nine, said:

“For a young man boxing a year above his age has done remarkably well, He won Gold last year in the European schools so a gold and a silver back to back is an amazing achievement. Hope will next box in the worlds next year.”

Hope was one of only two of the five England boxers in the tournament to win a medal.

The Hunslet Club is hosting an evening of Amateur Boxing on Friday 17 November.