Holbeck residents to vote on Neighbourhood Plan

Residents in Holbeck will get the chance to take more control of how their area develops if they approve the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan in a referendum on Thursday 1 March 2018.

If approved by voters, the plan will become legal planning policy for the area. That means any new developments – houses, offices, factories – will have to fit with the plan and a residents forum will be consulted on every planning application in the area.

Residents are urged to give Holbeck’s Neighbourhood Plan the green light on Thursday 1 March

In March 2012 Holbeck became a frontrunner Neighbourhood Plan Area, based on the area having one of the highest levels of multiple deprivation in the city. Local volunteers were elected by the community through the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum to steer the plan, seeking full community engagement and consultation with residents and businesses.

The Plan has been approved by an independent examiner and now it will be voted on. Residents living in the Neighbourhood Area (see map below) will be asked:

“Do you want Leeds City Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Holbeck, to help determine planning applications in the Holbeck Neighbourhood Area?”

A “yes” vote in the referendum will allow the people of Holbeck to have a positive input into future planning issues affecting the Holbeck area through to 2028.

The plan sets out eight priorities covering jobs, housing, shopping, green space, transport, heritage, regeneration and community facilities. The full Plan is available to read online at www.holbeckneighbourhoodplan.org.uk.

Physical copies of the Plan are available to read (but not take away) at: St Matthew’s Community Centre; Holbeck Club (WMC); Ingram Road Primary School; Domestic Street Post Office; and Dewsbury Road Community Hub.

Voting arrangements:

Voting procedures are similar to those for Leeds City Council elections.

Who can vote?
You must live in the Holbeck Neighbourhood Area (see above) and be on the Electoral Register to vote.

You can register online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. If you’re not sure if you are already registered you can check by emailing: electors@leeds.gov.uk

You must be over 18 and: a British citizen, or an EU citizen resident in the UK, or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK. You must register by 13 February.

If you don’t have access to a computer, or need help, staff on the Information Bus can help you. The bus will be on Crosby Road on Wednesday 7 February from 10am-2:30pm.

When can I vote?
Voting takes place on Thursday 1 March 2018 from 7am-10pm.

Where can I vote?
There will be three Polling Stations at:

  • Ingram Road Primary School
  • Ingram Gardens Community Centre and
  • Holeck Working Men’s Club (Jenkinson Lawn)

Your Poll Card will tell you which Polling Station to use.

Postal & Proxy votes

If you are already registered for a Postal Vote, or a Proxy Vote you will receive a Poll Card confirming this.

You can apply for a Postal Vote from Leeds City Council. You must apply by 14 February.

You can apply for a Proxy Vote – where you authorise someone else to vote on your behalf – from Leeds City Council. You must apply by 21 February.

More information at: www.leeds.gov.uk/council/Pages/Elections


Neighbourhood Forum

There will be a meeting of the Neighbourhood Forum on Saturday 10 February. The meeting, at St Matthew’s community Centre, starts at 11:30am with refreshments served from 11am. All welcome.


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  1. This whole scheme is one of the strangest attempts by LCC to present an image of democracy that I’ve yet seen. All of LCC’s “consults” are ignored when the result does not comply. This one, basically says “VOTE YES!” and then we’ll do whatever we like, under some pretext or other.

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