Holbeck council housing scheme delayed

Plans for 28 new council homes in Holbeck have been put on hold after what is believed to be a price hike by the house builders.

Last year saw extensive consultations over a plan to build new homes on Meynell Approach, the site of one of the tower blocks demolished ten years ago. The site had been used by Keepmoat as a depot during the building of new housing on Moor Road.

Leeds City Council proposed to use a new construction method where the homes are built off site in a factory and then delivered to site. Planning permission was granted for the scheme in August 2019. Residents were invited to bid for the properties and the homes were allocated.

But six months on nothing has happened on the site.

South Leeds Life understands that the company Leeds City Council was to use for the construction raised its price considerably after planning permission had been granted.

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said:

“The Meynell Approach scheme has needed to be revised due to a change in market conditions, which has resulted in a delay to allow some redesigning in the plans to be carried out. These changes may result in the need for a further planning determination. A further report on the scheme will be published by the council in due course.”

The Council are currently contacting applicants who had been offered a property on Meynell Approach to inform them of the substantial delay. Applicants will be advised that the formal offer of a Meynell Approach property will be removed from their record, which will allow them to bid for other properties in the meantime.

However if their circumstances are still the same and they have been unsuccessful in being offered alternative accommodation and rehomed by the time the properties on Meynell Approach are built, we will re-offer them a Meynell Approach property.


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  1. So what happened now to this project.?? Is this still in process to build it .? If yes when and by which company.?? And what happen to those people who still waiting for this project.?? With regards ..

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