Hiking to High-Cup Nick

The South Leeds Hiking Group (SLHG) hikers experienced some stunning views this weekend as they strode out in Cumbria to do High-Cup Nick an 18km walk which was a challenging walk for those new to the hiking world.

The group’s progress was barred due to bridge repairs in the village of Hilton but the experience of the leaders and a stroke of luck in meeting the contractors architect meant the group was safely escorted across the partly constructed bridge.

Despite the weather being less than favourable, the group made good time and stopped to take some beautiful pictures of the surrounding fells. SLHG had an exciting start to their hike as they passed through an active military range having to call through to the military to secure safe passage. This was only a minor set-back and the group ploughed on to the sound of sporadic gunfire from the soldiers in the valley below them.

Notably the route took the group through Murton, a picturesque farming hamlet with a rich history including lead mining in the 18th and 19th centuries and an old bobbin mill beside the beck. This is a historical hamlet with rare architectural features on the buildings.

SLHG is a very active group and has walks for all abilities and is looking to go further afield subject to interest, if this sounds like something you’d enjoy drop them a line! The next walk is a two-day hike in and around the Northern Lakes, check out the Facebook page for further details. Transport is provided to all of the walk locations and usually for a small charge to cover fuel. LINK.


Photos by Sheila Mitchell