Help to get you up and running

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get fitter this year, but haven’t quite managed to get started? There are three groups in South Leeds waiting to help you get off the couch and start running.

Don’t worry, there are no drill sergeants demanding the impossible. These are supportive groups following a proven programme involving building up strength and stamina gradually. In fact it starts with walking!

All the groups are led by trained run leaders who know what it’s like to start from scratch. Mike Wallis, one of the run leaders with South Leeds Lakers explains:

“The plan is to start off with small changes, where you do a lot of walking with a bit of jogging, and gradually bring in more jogging than walking, until at the end of the sessions you can run continuously for 30 minutes. People will have to do three sessions a week, one with the Lakers and two in their own time, but full instructions will be given as well as a free smartphone app from the NHS. You don’t need any special kit, just trainers and clothing you feel comfortable running in.”

There are two mixed groups and one women’s only group: