Healthy lifestyle support launches in Leeds

Healthy lifestyle campaign One You sees new services provided in Leeds to give residents support to make positive health changes

October marks the launch of a new One You Leeds free local healthy living service that aims to help the residents of Leeds make positive changes to their lifestyle and behaviour to improve their health.

The service, which is provided by Reed Momenta, has been commissioned by Leeds City Council following a comprehensive health needs assessment of the city. South Leeds Life reported in June how South Leeds charity Health For All lost its health trainers contract as a result of Reed Momenta’s commission.

It provides an easy-to-access option for residents to address a range of lifestyle issues. This enables personalised support planning and allows people to access a range of important healthy lifestyle interventions.

Local people will be able to access smoking cessation support, adult weight management services, physical exercise activities, healthy eating support and cooking skills classes.

Throughout October and November there will be a range of activity taking place in Leeds including a Drop-In Centre on the Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 November at the Merrion Centre, where members of the public can receive free health and lifestyle advice from the One You team.

Cath Roff, Leeds City Council Director for Adults and Health, said:

“The One You service will provide Leeds residents with the support they need to make the very simple lifestyle changes that can make a big difference to their health.

“We know lots of lifestyle issues impact on people’s health so having a range of provision through One You Leeds gives a great opportunity to offer well-co-ordinated help, making it easier and quicker for people to access health information and support.

“Our aim is to encourage as many people in Leeds to make healthier lifestyle choices. This service will provide the assistance they need in doing that and as a result, enjoy a better quality of life.”

One You is a national programme developed by Public Health England (PHE) that encourages and supports adults in England make small changes to their lifestyles that could have big improvements for their health. Leeds is the first city in the North of England to adopt and localise the national programme with the aim of helping local people live longer, healthier lives.

Donna Murrell, Operations Director at Reed Momenta, said:

“The service provides a range of options for the public to help make a real impact on their health. These include support for self-help, targeted face-to-face healthy living interventions in a range of community venues and one-to-one personal support for those most in need to develop the confidence and motivation to change.”

For more information on the service and how you can receive support, visit or call 0800 169 4219.