Health For All feature in new short film

A film showing the work of Middleton-based charity Health For All has been released today (31 May 2023).

The film has been made by Locality, a national umbrella group supporting local community organisations to be strong and successful.

Each year they make three or four films focussing on the work of members across the country – the aim being to show to breadth and depth of support provided by community organisations across the country and the incredible impact they make.

The ten minute film does just that talking to staff from a range of projects that operate across South Leeds and beyond. Chief Executive Pat McGeever stresses the importance of being part of the community:

“I think the value of community organisations is being rooted in the communities they serve and being trusted by those communities.”

A point echoed by Health For All worker Thahmina Begum:

“I live and work in my community and I know what happens. I know what happens at 7 o’clock in the morning and I know what happens at 10 o’clock at night. It’s local issues, things that affect me, my children, my family.”

One of the things that shines through the film is Health For All approach over many years to meet needs expressed within the community. As Pat explains:

“When communities identify a need or an interest, we facilitate them. We help them form a small group, set up a bank account, apply for funding. We help them to become independent. Health for all now supports 50-60 small groups, from community choirs to gardening groups to peer support groups.”

A group might benefit from art activities or cooking skills, but there is always an added benefit. Bringing people together to do something opens up room to talk. As Thahmina puts it:

“A safe space to talk honestly and openly about issues that affect them.”

That might be helping older people overcome their isolation or turning a young person away from crime.

Lewis Garland, Content and Media Officer at Locality commented:

“It was a real pleasure visiting Health for All and learning about the life-changing work they have been doing in South Leeds – for over three decades! By actively listening and collaborating with their community, they have developed a range of services, from creches to choirs, peer support group to food banks, that directly address the needs of local people. Health for All truly are the embodiment of what we mean, at Locality, when we talk about the Power of Community.”

Pat McGeever added:

“We at Health for All are delighted that Locality has taken the time to capture our work in this engaging, informative film. Our charity has had the privilege to serve the communities of south Leeds for 32 years, leading to us now supporting seven welcoming community and family centres and numerous community groups in the local area. The film shows our wide range of services which redress health inequalities, improve health and wellbeing and reduce social isolation. It also captures the positive impact of our initiatives such as our five local Community Food Pantries which help people cope with the current cost of living crisis. Thank you Locality for your support!”

If you have an idea for a new group or project or wish to volunteer please contact Health For All. Call: (0113) 270 6903, or email:

For more information visit their website at

You can watch the film here:


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