Have your say on updated Dewsbury Road plans

South Leeds residents are invited to give feedback on updated plans for £13million improvements to develop one of West Yorkshire’s main travel routes.

The route runs from Mirfield to Dewsbury to Leeds (referred to as M2D2L) encompassing the A644 and A653 and serves 600,000 local residents, as well as major employment and retail sites.

The plans include works on the section of the A653 Dewsbury Road between the White Rose Shopping Centre and the Tommy Wass junction. These will extend the Dewsbury Road cycle route through to the White Rose Shopping Centre, office park and new White Rose rail station; create an outbound bus lane between Hunslet Fire Station and the Tommy Wass junction; as well as improving pavements and crossings for pedestrians.

The plans, which have been developed in partnership between Leeds City Council and Kirklees Council, with the support of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, include new road layouts and updates which will improve both congestion and sustainable transport opportunities, with improvements for buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

In 2020, the first consultation on this project received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the public.  However, concerns were raised about new cycling guidance which was not fully established at the time.

Updated plans have now been made with this new guidance taken into consideration, largely thanks to residents who gave feedback on the project last year.

The consultation is open until Tuesday 7 December 2021. Anyone affected by updates to the M2D2L can view the plans and have their say on the new and improved plans at www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/m2d2l, by calling Metroline on (0113) 245 7676 or by emailing yourvoice@westyorkshire-ca.gov.uk

You can download the revised plans for Section F (White Rose to Dewsbury Road) here: M2D2L Consultation Section F (21MB)

You can also get involved at an online event on Thursday 18 November between 5 and 6pm.  For more details, visit www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/m2d2l.

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, says:

“The planned improvements will speed up journey times for people accessing one of the region’s busiest travel routes, offering greener, more sustainable travel options.

“We value the feedback of those that the improvement works will impact, so we’re really encouraging residents to have their say and share their views on the plans on this key route.”

Councillor Helen Hayden, Executive Member for Infrastructure and Climate at Leeds City Council, says:

“I would like to thank everyone who has already provided valuable feedback on these proposals last year. These proposals provide new dedicated facilities for walking and cycling, between White Rose and Beeston, plus new bus priority lanes and gates. It will also make walking and cycling routes between Leeds City Centre and the new White Rose station, which is under construction, better and more attractive. The upgrades will also join up with the recently completed CityConnect cycling route on Dewsbury Road and the A6110 Outer Ring Road, helping to expand and improve our cities cycling routes.

“With the climate emergency and Covid-19 economic recovery, it’s more important than ever we continue to invest in projects like this, so we can help connect people to jobs, leisure and other services and meet our wider ambition of being a city you don’t need to own a car, alongside all the green and health benefits that this brings.

“It’s important we hear from as many voices as possible on the work we do, so I would urge everyone to make their views known through this consultation.”

Leeds City Council and Kirklees Council will be working in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to deliver the £13million improvements which are to be funding from the West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund and developer contributions. Works are planned to begin in late 2022.

With the addition of new bus lanes, cycle tracks, footways and pedestrian crossings, as well as upgraded bus stops dubbed ‘super-stops’, the improved provision for sustainable transport should be another step towards the partners collective goal of making West Yorkshire completely carbon-neutral by 2038.


This post is base on a press release issued by Kirklees Council


10 Replies to “Have your say on updated Dewsbury Road plans”

  1. Whilst they have there Green paint out perhaps they could apply some to the tarmac outside the entrance to our allotments at Clarksfield! Cyclist bomb down the track not knowing that this is a vehicle crossing point into and out of the allotments! It won’t be long before there is a serious accident here. The gates need to be altered whist there at it so plot holders don’t have to block the footway and cycle track whilst unlocking the gate to gain access or create a new entry point off Middleton Grove.

    This all could have been avoided with more rigorous consultation.

    With reference to this bus lane, will this be enforced in peak times? If so We are going have to change the term ‘Rush Hour’ to ‘Smog Hour’ The junction at Tommy Wass is as busy as hell as it is with tailbacks as far as The Broadway I can only see this making things worse.

  2. I think they need to use some of the funds to correct the unsafe / dangerous cycle lane that the cowboys have left un finished and not up to safety standards on dewsbury Road and the Tommy Wass junction. And as for the white lines the lad must of been pist you nearly loose your wing mirrors with some drivers . When there is a accident I hope the highways are going pay for the peoples vehicles . And I hope there is not a fatality for the pore people near the allotment. So as for doing eneymore cycle lane I think it is criminal to do so .

  3. Council throwing tax payers money away when it could be spent elsewhere. Has any pen pusher actually monitered the use of existing cycle lanes around south leeds and the dangers/problems these lanes are already causing. What’s needed is training for those lycra clad morons to actually know what a cycle lane is and what a blue sign with a bike on it means. Get off the roads and actually use the lanes correctly, you HYPOCRITES wanted these lanes and non of you use them, instead you still insist on causing congestion to all motorist

  4. Why ask for people to have there say and opinion and you don’t let people see what people realy think of what you are doing in the community. Well I will be sending all the comments that iam writing for wich is a hundred plot holders . And lots of un happy residents.

  5. Once again town hall beauracrats have decided to add to the areas congestion. Instead of increasing cycle lanes spend money on more productive applications. Before you agree to add to our problems spend time monitoring the existing ones, how many cyclists use these lanes or still persist on been at war with motorists. Better training as to the usage of the lanes what do the signages mean also how to ride in the correct direction. What does a cycle painted on a footpath mean, what’s correct speed for using these lanes. There are plenty of safety issues to look at now before someone is seriously injured. Stop blowing your own trumpet and claiming “we have achieved this” will you still want to be responsible when there is a fatality

  6. Why ask for comments when your only going to print the ones that dont criticize your plans. Has no one heard of freedom of speech at this paper. Surely it’s better to hear both sides of story and allow readers to make up there own minds. I have submitted 2 replies to this story of which none have been allowed. If you claim to be impartial then prove it. Let the readers decide

    1. Hi Leslie, sorry it’s taken a while to approve your comment. I can assure you that there was no intention to censor you, it’s just been a busy day.

      1. Thankyou. As you can see we at the allotments have been put in a very dangerous position regarding these cycle lanes. We were not consulted as to the entrance to our site and recently had council representatives round to note first hand of the hazards. We think better training as to usage of existing sites is the key before any more money is wasted.

  7. How much of this £13 million pounds is coming out of the road tax paid for by the motorist.
    If a car or motorbike wants to use a road then they need road tax and insurance. They also need adequate training, ie driving test. These cyclists need no training, no insurance no road tax.
    If councillors persist in increasing these cycle lanes then The time has come with all these dedicated lanes around that cyclists need testing and require adequate insurance maybe then they would be a little more considerate to road and footpath users alike..
    Safety first not a publicity stunt is what’s needed

  8. A great idea and hope they are as good as the ones near Elland Road. Cycle lanes reduce congestion (loads of evidence to prove this) and anyone who pays tax pays for the roads. More please.

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