Grow up and cover up!

Covid-19 is on the increase in Leeds!

There is a mentality in some people to do what they want and no one is going to tell them how, when and where they can do it. If only they could see that democracy is a privilege and not a right!

Leeds will go into lockdown if ways of thinking and behaviour do not improve!

The authorities are pointing the finger of blame at 18-30 year olds, but after several visits to stores I can confidently say that people of all ages are just as thoughtless – I’m sure that stores could do more to get people wearing masks on their premises, and wearing masks properly, if they wanted to support the safety of the local community that they serve.

The government is very, very slowly starting to punish mass gatherings of people who live to be involved in something at any cost. Perhaps students should have the threat of losing their university place and freedom, and I’m sorry to say that maybe football fans should be banned for life. If the players celebrate their wins in empty stadiums, surely fans can celebrate in the safety of their own home. I know this seems extreme and it wouldn’t be the same, but times are extreme and not the same either.

Life is a gift! It isn’t gift paper that can be thrown away without a care or worry.



This post was written by Paul Hindmarch

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