Group revisit areas of Hunslet on a Memory Walk

The Hunslet Remembered group (facilitated by Leeds Libraries and in partnership with South Leeds Live at Home) took a trip down memory lane last month and visited areas of Hunslet that brought back memories of their childhood.

Using augmented reality on iPads they could see images from of what each street and building looked like almost 70 years ago, some of these photographs were of Hunslet Lake, Woodhouse Hill Road and Moor Road. There were plenty of memories shared about the number of pubs in Hunslet, and how the streets and houses have changed so much. They remembered the back to back houses and corner shops which now no longer exist. Les and Pat remembered owning a sweet shop on the corner of Moor Road called Candy Corner!

Many of the group attended Hunslet Carr Primary School which still stands as it did in their days and they really enjoyed returning and remembered the school dinners and frightening teachers. The group finished the walk at Hunslet Library looking at photographs from Leodis of the library in 1931 when it opened, they all remember using it and sitting at the tables and reading books.

The walk was a fantastic way to reminisce, it was also great for their health and wellbeing and there were plenty of laughs.

Rachel Benn, Communities Librarian said:

“It was a fantastic day out for the group, it was brilliant to hear their many memories of Hunslet. Some of the group didn’t recognise the streets because they have changed so much. Using augmented reality was really effective to visualise the areas from 70 years ago and compare them with what they look like now. The group shared so many stories from their childhood, it was incredible to almost picture their life growing up in Hunslet.”

The group meet on the last Thursday of the month at Hunslet Library 10am-12pm, anyone is welcome to join.  The next meeting will be on Thursday 27 September.


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  1. Hi, nice to see that memories of old Hunslet are being kept alive. It was also good to see Les McIver looking so good. I myself was schooled at Hunslet Moor, but had lots of connections with East Hunslet as I worked at Dennisons on Moor Road where I met Les. I also worked for Leeds City Council Housing working at a few offices in south Leeds and especially at Hunslet for approx six years. More to the point I also married a girl from Hunslet Carr, Sylvia Parker, who lived in the Sandons and I played football in local leagues with Dennisons and East Hunslet Labour Club. Pass my regards on to Les and I will try to get to one of the get togethers.
    With Kindest Regards
    Keith and Sylvia Lawrence

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