‘Government must get moving on flood defence for Leeds’, says Hilary Benn MP

Hilary Benn MP is a top tweeter

Leeds Central MP Hilary Benn today warned that the Government’s failure to invest more in flood defence is threatening insurance cover for homes in the city at risk of flooding and affecting progress on the much-needed Leeds flood defence scheme.
New figures from the Association of British Insurers ranks Leeds Central as the 11th most at risk constituency in the country, and the ABI says that unless a new agreement is reached with Government about how much they will invest in flood defence then high-risk households in the centre of Leeds “risk finding it more difficult to get insurance cover” (letter from the ABI to Mr Benn).
Mr Benn said:
“The Government must get its act together.
“First to give approval to the revised flood defence scheme for Leeds, and second to make sure that my constituents can continue to get insurance cover.
“The consequences of a major flood in the heart of the city really do not bear thinking about.”