Go ON Leeds

If you are reading this you already know about going online, finding interesting websites (including this one!) and enhancing your knowledge of what’s going on in the world. Perhaps you shop on the web too – the weekly supermarket shop or more specialist items from other parts of the country. This article, then, is not for you. However, I bet you know someone – a friend or family member – who doesn’t use the web.

“I’m too old to use a computer”, “I get by fine with a newspaper”, “Leeds has all the shops I need”. Would you like to help some get started in cyber-space? help is at hand!

Leeds are running a campaign called “Go ON Leeds” aimed at getting more people online, using computers and the internet. There are events next week in the city centre and in Beeston at St Luke’s Hitbase on Malvern Road. The St Luke’s event is on Monday 26th between 10am and 3pm.