Getting the Word Out on Community Organising in Middleton

I’ve recently started working from Tenants Hall so as well as being convenient for me to attend, skills gained from this course could help me & those I meet with to get their voices heard

I’m Andy Brown, employed by Locality and hosted by Health For All as one of ten Community Organisers appointed across Leeds. Since September I’ve been out and about in Middleton listening to local people in the community about their loves, concerns, visions and ideas for their area. The Roots Solutions Listening Matter engagement approach that I’m using aims to build relationships founded on trust and respect

Over the course of the year from mid September, I hope to support unlocking the potential of people power to help develop some practical purposeful positive actions, projects and campaigns that will be owned by members of the community coming together as active citizens. Its hoped that this information will help inform and shape existing services and those in positions of influence

“It’s good to talk, even better to listen and to reflect on our actions”

This article was written by Andy Brown using our Community Reporters website