Free lunch in Middleton (!)

Just had a free lunch at Tennants’ Hall, Middleton during the first session of the Community Correspondents course.

I’m here to learn about how I can write articles about what’s going on in my community – I live in Cross Flatts Park and am involved with Beeston Festival, Holbeck Gala, Tiger 11 (a social enterprise based in the former Hillside School) and the church in Cottingley. I retired in March this year and want to use some of my time to help people get more involved in their local neighbourhood. Today I’ve been learning about South Leeds Life and hyperlocal sites ( and taken my first steps in writing a story.

Jeremy Morton, who was involved in setting up South Leeds Life and is helping to lead the course with the experienced journalist John Baron, said: ‘We are really keen to get more people involved with South Leeds Life so it can reflect the views and interests of all parts of the community and get more people involved in local activities.’

I’ve really enjoyed today’s session and am really looking forward to the rest of the course – not just for the lunch!

This article was written by Steve Williamson using our Community Reporters website

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  1. I would love to come on the course but unfortunately I work through the day. Any chance of an evening one being set up?

    1. Hi Sue

      Thanks for your comment – we’ve had a few people come say something similar. In answer tpo your question – yes, it’s something we’ll strongly consider in future, subject to funding etc.

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