Khadija Begum your new community reporter

My name is Khadija Begum and this is my first introductory session for community correspondents course, in Leeds Tenant Enterprise Centre, Middleton.

I am a student and the reason being involved with the ten weeks course is to be able to write and publicise different events within my community. My main aim is to encourage and inspire people in the community to be involved in different programmes and make us all proud of being a part of the community.

My background is I am a St John Ambulance service volunteer and currently on the trainig programmes and later would be on duty and put my practical skills into practise.
I have just began playing Hockey with the Leeds Hockey Team, in Headingly Westwood. I attend the training sessions every Wednesday and after attending a couple of sessions I will be playing for women’s fourth division team.

In addition to doing various activities, I study History AS level in Park Lane. The topic I am currently studying is French Revolution 1784-1789. I find this course really interesing as it enables me to reflect on the past history events and be able to critically comment on different events and how each event is interlinked, triggering one to cause another.

Very soon I will be volunteering in the Paediatric oncology department where my role would be to organise events for children before and after receiving their radiotherapy treatment.

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