General election: Question the candidates

South Leeds Life will be bringing you details of all the candidates standing in the Leeds Central constituency, which includes LS10 and LS11. As usual we will give them the opportunity to tell you why they are standing, but we would like them to answer your questions too.

What is the burning issue for you? Is it Brexit? Housing? The economy? Immigration?

Whatever it is please send us the question you would like to put to the candidates. We will pick the best and put the same questions to each candidate.

You can email your question to, or add it to comments below.

We are in conversation with various organisations about holding a Hustings meeting where candidates answer questions from the audience. We will let you know as and when anything is organised.


6 Replies to “General election: Question the candidates”

  1. How do you intend to stop the burglaries, unsociable behaviour etc that’s occurring in the Beeston area now? This is affecting people of all ages, race and religion!

  2. Great to hear you are doing this Jeremy, I also look forward to any hustings you may be able to arrange! I’ve seen you on Twitter – do please DM me if you’d like to find out about eg availability. Hopefully you can see the email I’ve entered to post this too, and you can contact me via the website below.

    Its great that voters will get more of a chance to understand the positions of all the candidates – these things don’t happen everywhere.

  3. Judy – I assume this will be one of the questions put to us by South Leeds Life, so just wanted to assure you I’m not ignoring it by not replying now! If you’d like an answer sooner, feel free to ask on our campaign Facebook Page or on our website. Thanks, Andy

  4. Is Ed Carlisle ever going to clear up the “promotional” bikes he has left strewn across the city? They aren’t biodegradable and definitely NOT green!!!!!

    1. Hi Paul, thanks, and apologies. I’ve replied in full below. I thought we’d cleared them all up last week, but maybe we missed one… Yours, Ed

  5. Hi Paul, thanks for this.
    I thought we cleared all the bikes away last week, within a week of the election. (And we’re now in the process of dishing them out amongst people who’ve requested them – so we are at least seeing them reused, which is green although not biogredable!)
    However, it’s possible we missed one of them – ie failed to pick it back up. I presume you’ve spotted one in the past few days – in which case, sincere apologies.
    Is there any chance you could point us towards it, ie where it is? I’m wracking my brains to think how we overlooked one, but the election was a rush and a blur, and it’s quite conceivable we failed to record where we’d placed one.
    Thanks again, apologies again. Ed

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