Fusion fundraiser at Holbeck Working Mens’ Club

On Saturday evening (10 October 2015) there was a fundraiser in aid of PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers). The venue was the oldest Working Mens’ Club in the country which is now run as a co-operative and according to the name above the door is called The Holbeck.

All photos by Jeremy Morton

Fusion who are a very talented group from very different backgrounds took everyone on a musical world journey which was happy and sad in equal measures. But definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences the audience could have wished for.

First up was a duo from Wakefield Ben (Robinson) and Hannah. I’ve given you his surname in case you want to listen to him on iTunes where he has a new EP. Their music had a lovely folksey feel and made a lovely start to the evening.

Fusion whose gig this was, then came on, they are very well named as they are a fusion of many different musical styles from all over the world which are combined to make their very distinctive sound. “Our own take on it” was how Steve Skinner, the leader of the group, described it in his introduction.

In the first half we were treated a range of songs, firstly Istanbul, then a Syrian love song called Ah ya Zane which was played as a tribute to all who have left their homes, then Breathe Deep, which combined a song from Zimbabwe with a Punjabi tune. Yahnee was next, based on a Greek song, telling the tale of young men who leave their homes for cities or countries and return changed people.

The different styles of all these was amazing and the talent of the artists superb. The number of instruments they played added spice to this adventure in music and the audience joined in with clapping in time to the music when asked. I could go on and on but as this is for a newspaper and not a book I suppose I had better just give you the address of their Facebook page, where you may find out if there is a gig in your area and find out more about them. I hope you do and have the pleasure of going to see them yourself.

Their Facebook page is FusionWorld Leeds

We must not forget what this fundraiser was for and if you would like to know more about PAFRAS then visit their website at www.pafras.org.uk I am sure they would welcome any help or donation you can give.


This post was written by Pat Jackson using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.



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  1. Could you please stop calling Holbeck WMC the oldest working men’s club in the country. It’s irritating as it’s not even near.

    It was founded in 1877 making it probably the oldest in Leeds but of the many clubs older than it two stand out: Walthamstow WMC was founded in 1862 the same year as the CIU itself, while Reddish WMC in Stockport has traced its origin to 1857.

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