Further limits to council services

After the Prime Minister’s announcement on new coronavirus restrictions tonight (23 March 2020) Leeds City Council will be closing and / or stopping the following with immediate effect. Further updates will be given over the coming day about any other services that might be affected:

  • All council waste sites to be closed
  • Garden waste collections have been suspended
  • All community libraries and hubs are closed to customers (telephone access still available through 0113 222 4444)
  • No litter bins will be emptied so they should not be used.

The council is reiterating the importance of following the instructions laid down by the Prime Minister in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

People must stay at home except for:

  • shopping for basic necessities,
  • daily exercise,
  • any medical need and
  • travelling to and from essential work.

If you need to get in touch with our customer contact centre on (0113) 222 4444 please be aware that lines will be very busy and we will help you as soon as we can.

Up to date information about Coronovirus for residents and businesses is available at www.leeds.gov.uk/coronavirus


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council


3 Replies to “Further limits to council services”

  1. I can understand the need to close certain things, but to cease emptying litter bins and closing waste sites is rather silly, this will only cause more fly tipping and we will end up with Leeds being overrun with rats again as when the bin men were on strike. Do you not think opening the waste sites will help prevent a lot of this, no major contact is made anyway at these sites if it is regulated properly, or is this another Labour Council taking steps too far or just not listening to people and the health and safety of their customers.

  2. We need to remember that the purpose of isolation is to reduce the impact on on our NHS. Waste bins will undoubtedly continue to be used and failing to deal with this will introduce other health risks that may compound demand on the NHS.

  3. Litter bins should not be overflowing if people are following the Government restrictions of staying at home, and only going out for work, or essential journeys (The restrictions can be found on the Gov website).
    Most litter comes from food, drink, tissues, tobacco items etc. Due to the Covid 19 situation, people shouldn’t be doing things outside that incur rubbish to be gotten rid of. Their journeys should be as quick as possible. Eating or drinking could be saved until they reach home or arrive at work.
    The Government is expecting people to be responsible and intelligent enough to only be outside when it falls within one of their essential categories.
    If a person does find that they have no other option than to have rubbish while they are outside, a good idea would be to hold on to it until they arrive home where they can use their own wheelie bin. Then, of course, wash their hands as directed.
    If people are still working or their need to be outside is totally necessary, take a bag with you so that you can take your rubbish home to your wheelie bin or deposit it in the bins of the organisation that you work for (The bin men have emptied recycling wheelie bins today, so they are still being emptied).
    Will all people put some thought into what they are doing? I would like to hope so. The alternative to not using common sense or following Government restrictions will be further, harsher restrictions and putting health and lives at risk.
    We are all in this together, and together, doing the things that need to be done, more of us can come through this thing in one piece.

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