From tiny seeds: Trentham Park is flouishing

In a small corner of South Leeds where there was once the remains of heavy industry, a group of people are starting to transform Trentham Park in Beeston Hill and cultivate interest in all things horticultural. Coming together regularly, the Friends of Trentham Park have dedicated their spare time to transforming the neglected park.

They have recently held an event whereby visitors to the park could find out more about their work and how they can get involved. Teaching people how to cultivate plants from cuttings the group potted a variety of cuttings for people to take home and grow for themselves, the children especially seemed to enjoy mixing the soil and planting the cuttings.

Friends of Trentham Park want to help people to work with the urban land and have led by example, turning what was a patch of scrub land filled with dog waste into a usable park for local people. Dog mess as with many areas in Leeds is an issue at Trentham Park and there have been signs installed to help encourage people to pick up after their four-legged friends. The group have also installed raised beds which now house some impressive vegetables and flowers and are planning on creating a ‘river of flowers’

The park is undergoing some major changes in late May/ early June whereby the park will mostly close in preparation for toddler play equipment to be installed. Jessica, a member of the group explained that there is little for tiny children in the area and not everyone wants to walk to Cross Flatts Park. This new play equipment has been chosen with input from Friends of Trentham Park who are in regular contact with the project manager and the equipment will be available for all local families to use when finished.

There were also whispers of a noticeboard being installed at the park to keep people in the local area informed of any upcoming events and a Little Library, which could provide more people access to books in the local area.

Next Tuesday (7 May 2019) they will be in the Park teaching people all about seeds, so come along from 4pm and be prepared to get your hands dirty! If you are interested in getting involved with this team please get in touch with them through their Facebook Page, the project is open to anyone with any level of horticultural experience.