From little acorns mighty oak trees grow in Holbeck

I attend Mosaic Church in Sweet Street Holbeck and co-ordinate and run a weekly parent and children’s group. It is available to any parent or carer of children up to the age of five years and it is free.  

Mosaic ‘Acorns’  runs each Wednesday between 10.30am and 12.30pm at Mosaic Church in Sweet Street, Holbeck.

Come along and enjoy soft play, themed activities, parenting advice, the occasional outing and great, great company. 

‘Acorns’ is provided as a Christian response to families that would welcome a good supportive network to call upon.

We at Acorns are very community orientated and make every effort to encourage Christian and non-Christians to come together within the local community and to be made very welcome and valued.

We do also have some parents and their children attend from various parts of Leeds which encourages us that there is a definite need for groups such as Acorns.  

Hope to see you and your little acorns very soon

Sue Galloway and Bekah Patel email  Tel: 0113 2944444