Friends of New Forest Village meet

Details of the latest meeting of the Friends of New Forest Village

12 residents, 2 police officers, a councillor and an officer from parks and countryside attended the Friends of New Forest Village meeting on 21 November.

The police reported that since the last meeting, there had been 3 cases of criminal damage, 4 of burglary other, and 1 theft from a dwelling since the last meeting.

Residents reported difficulties of an ambulance in finding one of the flats on the Village and asked the police to amend their priority from high visibility on the Village to parking on the Village.

Parks and countryside are hoping to repair footpaths on Sharp Lane Plantation this winter, and will be looking into the issue of flooding as a result of surface water draining off the football pitches at Middleton Leisure Centre.

Street-lighting is being addressed by the developers and the council and residents requested for the developers to be asked to finish off landscaping the central park.

Following the resignation of the existing Chair and Secretary a couple of residents showed an interest in the roles. They have been given some time to consider the roles further and to invite any other potential candidates.

Outgoing Chair, Louise Nichols said:

“As I am on my way out can I just say that I have been really humbled by the support that members of the community have given to myself, the committee and the events or projects whether actually undertaken or proposed. It is so refreshing to see in this very ‘me me me’ society a new community wishing to do something for others and to take responsibility and accountability for themselves, their neighbours and their immediate area. Thank you so very much and I am sure I shall see you all at some event or on the plantation in the future.”

The next meeting will be at 6.30pm on Tuesday 4 December, at St George’s Centre, Middleton. The meeting will consider candidates for Chair and Secretary. If no candidates are forthcoming then the Friends will be wound up at that meeting.

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