Footpath upgrades for Belle Isle and Middleton

Pedestrian and cycling paths in Belle Isle and Middleton are set to be upgraded as part of a package of measures in south east Leeds.

One path links Orion Walk in Belle Isle with Leeds Valley office park and Rothwell across the M621 pedestrian bridge. Another tracks the M621 from the bridge, past Clapgate Primary School, up to Sharp Lane.

The improvements, aimed at increasing walking and cycling options and linkages to public transport hubs, will include:

  • cutting back overgrown shrubs and ‘verge creep’
  • widening the footpath between Orion Walk and Middleton Ring Road
  • raised speed platform on Ring Road Middleton where the path crosses to road
  • formalising the path parallel with the motorway with a non-tarmac hard surface
  • provision of signage, benches and litter bins

The overall package of works focusses mostly on the Rothwell, Robin Hood and Thorpe areas and will cost a total of £1,719,000 which will come from the Connecting Leeds programme as previously approved by leeds City Council’s Executive Board.

The full report, published on 5 March 2021, can be read here.

Photo: Existing footpath from Ring Road Middleton to Orion Walk via Google Streetview


5 Replies to “Footpath upgrades for Belle Isle and Middleton”

  1. This is very good news. Pathways very well used since lockdown. We love this route

  2. How much? Are they being surfaced in gold leaf? Connecting Leeds are already making a shambles on Dewsbury Road, there’s no footpath on the south side for 3/4 of a mile. No bus stops for at least 1/2 mile between the Shell filling station & Barkly Rd! The NW side pavement is very narrow, so much for social distancing. They’ve been at it 9 wks, can’t find out from clueless Leeds Highways when it will be finished. Double lane closures to add to the chaos. Roll on election day!

  3. Delighted to read this – a very well used walking route but it gets very mucky (almost impassable at times) in Winter. Now please do the same for the Plantation at New Forest Village!!

  4. Any chance of a bit of tarmac on the road in no mans land known as Thorpe Lane where residents come under Leeds 10 pay council tax to Leeds city council but come under a wakefield postcode to vote! My back garden comes under Middleton ward but my front door is Ardsley and Robin Hood so none of the councillors for either wards have any interest hence nomans land!

  5. i use this path and so does my 2 legged cat who is nearly 14 years old now.

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