Find out ‘How To … Cabaret’ in Holbeck

Join Slung Low at the HUB in Holbeck for a day packed full of music, artistry and family fun. Discover the varied and wonderful world of Cabaret with affordable pay what you decide workshops, food and performances for all on Sunday May 20 2018 at How To…Cabaret!

Slung Low’s HUB under the viaduct in Holbeck

The day begins with BBC Food and Farming Awards nominee Manjit will be leading you through a step-by-step method of how to cook traditional Indian street food Vada Pao.

In the afternoon you can run away to the Circus with a workshop led by Greentop or join Jaqcuie Wicks to learn how to go from Zero to Hero on the Ukele. Later you can discover how to ‘Mansform’ with Andro & Eve’s Drag King workshop or create an EXTRA-ordinary sculpture with Nat from Uncanny Theatre and Kat from Odd Doll. Throughout the afternoon Michael Wolf will be performing close up magic, roaming the HUB, mixing, mingling and dazzling you with an array of illusions – he may even teach you a trick or two!

As part of Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, Jonny Best will be showing ‘Different from the Others’, a silent film about two male musicians who fall in love, but blackmail and scandal makes the affair take a tragic turn. The 1919 film was one of the first gay-themed films, burned by the Nazis and then stitched back together using sections recovered from archives across the world. Jonny will accompany the film with a live and improvised score on the piano.

Following a break for tea will be Falling in Love Again: A cabaret performance by Jacqui Wicks and Jonny Best. Where art song meets jazz and musical theatre you will find cabaret. Falling in Love Again is a hotbed of decadent entertainment, which will delight with songs from the Weimar era, a smattering of Gershwin, Berlin, Cole Porter, Kurt Weill and a dash of Tom Waits.

Slung Low’s HUB is located under the viaduct at 67-71 Bath Road, Holbeck, LS11 9UA. All events are ‘Pay What You Decide’ – tickets are free to book, then you decide how much to pay after the show. The HUB is cash only.


This post was written by Sally Proctor